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Louis: Basically the story was…there was a cow. It was making a noise like cows do…

Louis & Niall: Moooooooooo!

Zayn: It sounded like a person!

Louis: Liam being the heroic man that he is and was, decided he would go out there and try to save this “man,” which in fact was a cow. He hopped over the gate to this field and looked around and shouted, “Hello?! Hello?! Does anyone need any help?”

Zayn: I got a stick, wrapped a cloth around it and lit it on fire and went out. I thought I was Indiana Jones running after Liam with it.

Harry: It was like completely dark and Liam was stood on the fence going, “Is anybody out there?! Is anybody out there?!”

Niall: So Liam was going to take on some murderer down in the field and a horse comes running at me in the dark.

Louis: So then we all went back in, sat around the fire for a little bit and then decided to go to sleep. But in fact, quite embarrassingly, even though we were 99% sure it was a cow we didn’t really dare sleep in our own beds. We actually had to sleep on mattresses on the floor next to each other because we had no key for the door and we thought the cow/man [would come in and murder us]. (x)

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Zayn picking up Liam at tonight’s show. 8/30


Zayn picking up Liam at tonight’s show. 8/30

Liam making Niall laugh +

Harry, bless him, trying to make everybody happy. x


i thought i bought two tickets to a one direction concert


not two tickets to the guN SHOW

Talk Dirty To Me → Liam

Liam talking about Sophia in the Cosmopolitan interview (x)

Zayn and Louis at the Underground Chicago - 8/29

Zayn and Louis at the Underground Chicago - 8/29

It’d be two, three in the morning and I’d be singing full power at the top of my voice. My sister’d be banging on the wall, going: “shut up, you can’t even sing. Go to sleep.”